About me

Astrid discovered the forces of nature through working with sculptures and ceramics.

Since 2009, she has specialized in the creation of porcelain jewelry. Working with this material translates into an infinite palette of shapes and depths, and the emotions she feels imagining and realizing pieces are similarly unique. Jewelery gives her free rein to express her taste and talent for those immensely precise artworks.

After finishing her studies of the fine arts and graduating in firing techniques in Vallauris, she perfected turnery under the direction of Augusto Tozzola and the manufacture of high temperature glazes (stoneware and porcelain) with the help of Héléna Klug.

Astrid is passionate, her jewelery evolves with each batch. Her designs require sketch work, refining and drawing. She notes her inspiration throughout the various encounters and experiences, always trying to invent, not to reproduce. With each round one spot in the baking oven is always reserved for a new gem that could lead to a whole new experience.

After figuring out the form Astrid takes care of the additional materials and colors. Her experience led to the most appealing combinations (glass, porcelain, enamels) but leaves a small part of randomness, because during the burning process materials never react the same way twice.


She is working in Cholet in district of Maine et Loire.
She takes advantage of artistics events to show her work with it new models and colors.